Thursday, 19 January 2012

Making main's mast top

 First of all , I placed strips of  oak veneer thickness 0,6mm onto shaped according to plan plywood thickness 2mm. The perimetric timbers of mast top , sank in boiling water. After five minutes immediately , formed easily ,using thin nails and stayed for thirty minutes.When they took their shape , glued using carpenters glue...     

...on next step , I opened twelve holes , that will recieve on  the deadeyes and I marked the positions of  stiffeners...

...and I placed the cosstree on the bottom side of topmast.

On the end I glued using CA glue the stiffeners on the top side of mast top...

 ...and spaying the whole with black oil painting.

I decided to paint the entire model wih oil paintings , because they will better shows the surface of wood and  will last for longer time.

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