Thursday, 19 January 2012

Start of construction works

The  HMS Victory, is one of the most famous ships of the global naval history.
It is the favorite theme of  the shipmodel builders, all over the world. I think this is the best seller of the wooden ship models.
Twenty years ago , I built the plastic model of Heller in 1/100. It was a pleasant experience , but was a plastic one ! So, now it's time to start the real thing.
The very first thing , who I have to do, is to clean up my workplace, and create space...
Space for a part of the ship in scale 1/32 .

As refenence Ι will use the plans of the book "Anatomy of the ship". The planned dimensions  of model , are  lenght 500mm , width 500mm and height close to 2000mm (2 metres!!!)
The large scale , requires carefully salection of materials .The real ship is made mostly of oak wood.
In 1/32, with specific intersections of wood , it's not easy to work with oak. For scales sake , I decided  to work with ajuz. The color and the look of ajuz , for my opinion , are very similar to oak. Furthermore , it's very soft and light , thus facilitating the process. Certainly selected timber drying.

After carefully study and recording of the parts I would need , cut the necessary pieces for each part to be used in the model. 
To save space, it was decided to manufacture the first sub-parts and finally to build a section of the hull, where it will accept them  per deck.
So basically the construction starting from the main mast...

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