Monday, 31 December 2012

The main capstan

Using the same old walnut veneer and accordind the plans  E 10 / 1-3   of the Anatomy of the Ship , I made the main capstan  of the ship .

Finally I made 54 pieces from walnut venneer and copper.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

The binnacle

Using the same old walnut veneer and accordind the plan E 13 / 5 of the Anatomy of the Ship , I made the binnacle of the ship .

For the windows of  binnacle , I used small glasses from microscope . I made the chimney from brass on lathe machine .

I left the back side of the binnacle's open , because I want to make the compass and the  lamp later .

In the next step I will have to start the construction of the main capstan . I think this is the most difficult and complicated part of the model .

Monday, 3 December 2012

The steering wheel

I found 30 years old walnut veneer , in my spare box and I decided  that I could use it for
 the steering wheel of the ship.So I joined two sheets of veneer and I cut the appropriate shape, according to the plan.

 On the next step , using walnut's dowels 2 mm thickness I made the spokes.

After that, I had to make holes and put in the proper angle spokes and handles of the steering wheel .



Tomorrow I will try to create the twin part of the steering wheel , the drum and the bracket.....



On the next step I will create the wheel's pillar...

... the pillar is ready. I made it from walnut , the front piece was made from four pieces  and the back from two.
Finally oil was applied on all surfaces.

On the next step , I will create the binnacle....

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Endeavour 17 , Kayak in a lake ! ( 47 w.h.)

There is an excellent magazine, "Small Boats", which presents  several constructions of small boats.

Based on their own drawing , I built a small kayak, the Endeavour 17 in 1:8 scale.

The hull planked with mahogany. The length is 628 mm.

The cocpit coaming ( orange skirt ? ) , is made by polymer clay.

The imitation of water is made by resin.

In the next steps, I will apply two coats of varnish on KAYAK, I 'll place some bamboo reeds beside the tree . Finally I will apply a thin layer (1-2 mm )of transparent resin on the water.