Monday, 12 March 2012

Argo ... the myth become a reality ( 960 w.h.)

Once upon a time , many years ago ( 1400-1500 b.c.) , Jason (ancient Greek : Ιάσων ) and his crew of 50 heroes , sailed from Iolkos ( Ιωλκός ) to retrieve the Golden Fleece . The ship they used , was named Argo (Αργώ) after its builder , Argus ( Άργος) . It meant fast ,speedy and made from pines ,oak and  beech trees of Pelion, mountain of the Centaurs.                                                              


In 2004 at Volos ( a city very near to Ancient Iolkos ) , the Naudomos Institute , a team of experts , using ancient tools and  techniques , constructed a replica of Argo. I participated as a manufacturer of the ship model .

This  project ,  is a model of Argo in 1/25 scale,  with all construction details such as how the segments of wood  are connected each other.

The dimensions of model are:  length 112cm , width 19cm , height 41,5cm.

The materials are the same as the replica of Argo: Beech for the keel (τρόπιδα), oak for the bow (στείρα) and pine for the hull.