Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Copper plates for the ship's bottom

After a research , I found in  the size of the copper plates.
I converted the dimensions on the 1/32 scale , and gave me  length 38,1mm and width 14,29mm. By rough calculations , I will need about 600 pieces for the one side of  the model.
Two months ago , I bought copper and I placed it outside in rain and sun for two months , to take aging color.

I cut the desirable dimensions ( 38,1mm x 14,29 mm) , using office paper cutter...

...and using rivet maker , I made the rivets on the perimeter of each one .

Finally , using a cotton bud , I washed them with sea water to get the green color of verdigris.

This process was tiring , monotonous and it took two weeks. On the other hand , the result satisfied me.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Guns and carriages construction

 From the "Anatomy of HMS Victory " , I took the plans of carriages and I fitted them in 1/32 scale.There are four different types of carriages on the specific segment of the ship.
So I had to build four different types of them  and four different types of guns.
More analytically , I need six 12-pounder short guns for the quarterdeck , eight 12-pounder long guns for the upper deck , eight 24-pounder long guns for the middle deck and  eight 32-pounder long guns for the lower deck!

I made copies of plans and  I cut them on jigsaw (sixty sides for a start).Using files and dremel tool I cleaned  the perimeter of them and I opened the necessary holes.

 I considered that , for better results , I sould make a mold for each type of carriage . This was  a tiring process, but I took the best results of them.

 When  I finished everything , I painted with yellow ochre, and I let them dry. In meantime , I made the fittings.

This is my first effort with guns.I don't know yet , who I will make the rest of them .