Monday, 24 June 2013

HMS Victory 's frames

The frames of HMS Victory was made entirely of oak . Aware of the difficulty of construction to scale , I decided to construct the frames  from the same material . 

As a raw material was used timber for flooring . In practice, the problems were enough.
Primarily due to the lack of tools and of the hardness of raw material.

Ten frames constructed starting from the C18 to the C27 .
Twenty twinned frames which each one comprised of 8-10 items and  twenty singles ( half of all ) which each one comprised of 5-6 pieces . Overall 260 to 320 items for the frames .
This complex of the frames had to sit correctly on the keel ! The frames should have been vertical  to the horizontal axis and parallel to each other.
For this purpose I created a building  jig , where they "were entering" , the frames will be stomped to the keel.